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Rachael Khachadourian is the creator of the Crafts to Cash Roadmap. She started her first online business in 2010 after having her second child as a way to stay home and escape her 9 to 5.  Over the last 10 years she started and scaled multiple handmade and dropship businesses, making over 1 million dollars from her dining room table.

Rachael coaches female creative entrepreneurs how to start, build or scale their online business regardless of what stage of business they are in.        

"My mission is to help women live the life they dream of while building a business they can be proud of."


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"Rachael's system changed my life! I went from 64 sales made over 10 years to making $1,000 a week within 2 months using Rachael's system! if I can do it anyone can."

Becky Moyer

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"I increased my Etsy Shop visits by 45% and my revenue 56%! I grew my shop views, visits, and revenue more than 3 TIMES, my shop traffic is 7 TIMES more, and my Etsy Search results have increased 10 TIMES what they were before starting the course! Now, instead of guessing what to do, I know I have the tools to succeed as an Etsy Seller. This was the best investment I've made into my Etsy business!"

Jenny Crawshaw

Trail Jenny's


"The Etsy Expert Sales Solution is absolutely packed with specific, practical information on every topic I wanted to know more about and didn't know I needed to know about! I feel so empowered and equipped to succeed in my Etsy shop! "

Jessie Albin

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Amazing Etsy Items Welcome Here!

One of the many ways Rachael is helping other shops is through her Etsy feature page @EtsyTopPicks on Instagram, where she connects shops with customers and features Etsy items for FREE. Want to win a free feature? Click the link below for an opportunity to have your shop in the spotlight.




Rachael is building a thriving community of ‘Creative Entrepreneurs’ whose main goal is to see each other succeed by inspiring and encouraging one another. 

Become a part of our community by joining the Etsy Expert Facebook group where you can connect, collaborate and thrive with other shop owners!


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